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About Us

About Dr. Towel

Made In KOREA for Superior Quality

Over 70 Years of History & Tradition

Based on the world's rare all-in-one towel production system (preparation-weaving-sewing-dyeing-packaging), meticulous quality control, technology, and innovation are achieved.As all processes are in one place, we provide high-quality products by immediately responding to any issue.

Dr. Towel Made in KOREA

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Cotton Barrier™

Dr. Towel cotton barrier

Cotton Barrier™ maintains the 99.9% germ-blocking function after 100 washes

Dr. Towel KATRI

KATRI Certified

KATRI (Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute) is an internationally recognized testing institute that certifies fiber performance. 'Dr. Towel' is 99.9% hygienic even after 100 washes and is an ideal solution for babies and adults with sensitive, allergic, or troubled skin.

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